With the most recently updated odds, the Lakers are runaway favorites to land Lebron in free agency. As a Lakers fan who is a lifelong hater of LeBron off the court while simultaneously being someone who can actually recognize his greatness on it, LeBron to the Lakers makes my brain hurt.

On one hand, adding arguably the greatest basketball talent in the history of the game to our exciting young core would make for an exciting basketball team. Even if PG or Kawhi never sniffs LA, the Lakers could theoretically trot out a mini-death lineup of Ball, Ingram, Kuz, James, and Randle (assuming he resigns) that could (on paper) hang with the Warriors death lineups better than most other teams. Obviously this team with only James still be a few years out from realistically giving the Warriors a serious run as the core is young as shit. But it isn’t unrealistic to say that with the addition of James alone, this team would be a force in 2-3 years. Factor in another superstar and we’re probably ready to cook this season.

On the other hand, I’ve been an outspoken hater of LeBron off the court since he came into the league. Whether it’s ‘The Decision” where he ripped the hearts out of Cleveland, or jumping ship in Miami after boldly proclaiming he would bring the city “not five, not six, not seven…” championships, LeBron always finds a way to come across as a pompous asshole. There is no denying his basketball talent, but the dude keeps writing checks that he can’t cash and making elaborate excuses for reasons why. Basically he’s an asshole that tries incredibly hard to show the entire world that he isn’t an asshole. Who fuckin lies about watching “The Godfather”? Assholes. Thats who.

So as a Lakers fan who hates Lebron, we’re in a tricky place here. Would I like to have the best basketball player in the world on my team and helping win championships? Yes. Would I like to give that sack of shit LeBron the chance to pass Kobe’s ring count?  No, but if it means a few more victory parades down Figueroa, I guess I can stomach LeBron for a few years.

Shit, as a Yankees fan (I know, Lakers and Yankees, what a fuckin loser), I’ve done this before with A-Rod. In fact, that pairing ended somehow with me falling in love with post-baseball A-Rod and his entrepreneurial endeavors over at A-Rod corp. Truth be told, I’ve never pulled a harder 180 on a human being than I did on A-Rod after nearly 10 years of pure, unfiltered hatred. Although my love for retirement A-Rod was a long and winding road, who’s to say the same couldn’t happen for the king if he comes to LA, wins a ring, and loosens up a bit in the process.

Obligatory Delonte West picture to end a Lebron James blog: